Reality toys

Reality Toys is a critical and perhaps disturbing look at children’s toys, commenting on the politically and socially correct, and generally limited content they offer children.  The proposals question the protection we give children from the harsh realities of adult life through existing toys.  Reality Toys map content directly from adult life to toys.  Is it possible to teach children something about adult life from an early age, while continuing to fulfil childhood aspirations?

lunar bunny

Lunar Bunny – A publication by the British Medical Journal has reported a significant increase in the number of people being admitted to hospital with animal bites during a full moon.  As a reflection on these findings, Lunar Bunny (a battery operated hopping toy) becomes irrational and unpredictable during a full moon.


lego planned

Lego Planned – Is your child a budding architect or builder?  Lego Planned teaches children about the finer details of the construction industry.  The complexities and legalities of real world construction is brought to life in Lego Planned as the submission of planning proposals is required before and building work is carried out.



Lullaby FTSE – A musical night light which projects a revolving display of the daily fluctuations in the FTSE Share Index onto the ceiling and walls.  Educates visually whilst sending baby to sleep with the sounds of Brahms ‘Lullaby’.



Etch-a-Drive – Etch-a-Drive allows the driver complete driving control of a vehicle.  It replaces the steering wheel, accelerator and brake of the vehicle with the horizontal (left + right) and vertical (acceleration + brake) dials of Etch-a-Drive, offering the driver a unique driving experience.

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