kitchenalia pack

Kitchenalia is a look into people’s kitchen utensils drawer.  This activity pack was given to four people with activities to carry out on their utensil drawer.  Designed to probe what people have in their kitchen drawers, the results showed which items were used most, and which were not.  What gadgets people buy but don’t use, and what they cannot do without.  The concepts that follow are a vision for a future of edible utensils, when kitchen drawers will be free from ‘potentially useful’ gadgets.



kitchenalia dog forkThe most used item in one drawer was the fork used for feeding the dog, washed many times a day… make the fork out of dog biscuit to save washing.



Many utensil drawers had toast racks rarely used… toast your own from the pre-cut ends of a loaf of bread.


kitchenalia eggs

Egg timers are popular… but why not incorporate a colour changing ink on the date stamp to show when the egg is cooked?


kitchenalia loaf

One participant had a bread slice guide for cutting varying thicknesses of bread… loaves could be baked with guides imprinted on the side.



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